United Transport Operator’s logistics services go far beyond just shipping and warehousing. We
offer value-added services like customs brokerage: UTO’s professionals take care of customs
compliance. Their profound knowledge of specific regulations guarantees that goods are
shipped smoothly.

Whether you are forwarding goods by air, sea or road, our professionals will do their best to
help you reduce the risk of delays or penalties. Make use of our brokerage or combine it with
UTO’s shipping services to ensure delivery of your cargo to its destination on-time.

One-stop customs brokerage service

What we do as part of our complex customers brokerage services?

  1. We classify cargo according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature
    of the Eurasian Customs Union.
  2. We examine and prepare the necessary customs clearance documents related to export
    and import of goods of all type including excise equivalent goods (commercial invoices,
    the sales contract with its annexes, etc.).
  3. We arrange customs clearance of goods in accordance of customs requirements and
    frontier control.
  4. We pay customs duties and taxes and handle refund of extra customs charges paid.
  5. We assist you in the settlement of disputes regarding customs issues in compliance with
    trade practices regulation and legislation of the countries involved.
  6. Many products crossing the border are subject to some types of licensing and control.
    We make sure that all certifications and import licenses get issued by the respective
    organizations in-time.
  7. EU-clearance for free traffic at the EU-external border.
  8. UTO handles the bonds and guarantees required for duty and tax payments.

As a customs broker, UTO offers customs warehousing in Europe and Russia.

UTO’s assistance in obtaining product certification

If you sell products to Russia & the CIS or Europe, you must meet product safety and quality
requirements under country or community laws. Goods must have certification demonstrating
that you bring in the country market safe and quality products. You may face penalties,
significant delivery delays and further consequences if your cargo does not comply.

The following cargo is subject to certification in most countries: new and used vehicles,
automobiles, industrial machinery, machine tools, consumer electronics, household appliances,
food, fuel and other items.

More than that, countries may require your cargo to comply with different hygiene
requirements, fire safety standards or the GOST, a set of technical standards maintained by the
Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification. Therefore, you need to
present different documentation certifying that your cargo is in line with all the requirements
and standards. The most common documents are declarations of conformity, phytosanitary,
veterinary and other certificates.

Turn to us for help if you want to make sure that the respective certification gets issued for
your goods in time. If you are not sure what type of licensing, certification and control your
products are subject to regarding a given destination, call us to get advice from one of our trade
and customs experts.

Consulting services

We do not only manage practical operations but also operate in an advisory capacity. Our
colleagues consult you on all customs compliance-related issues. They give you professional
advice on how to:

  • correctly fill in and issue all the cargo-related documents and how to save money on
    document issuing;
  • avoid fines, delays and conflicts with state bodies in regard to cargo shipping;
  • calculate customs duties excluding arrears or overpayments;
  • clear goods through customs and border protection smoothly.

Our team is also ready to keep you and staff up-to- date by giving information on the latest
changes in international and Russian customs legislation.