United Transport Operator makes it a priority to take care of your goods. The company has cargo
insurance in place that covers almost all types of goods transported. We also offer armed security
service for equipment in transit both in-flight and on the ground.

Protection against cargo-related risks

Goods-in- transit insurance is not something freight carriers can have. It is something they must have.
UTO’s insurance gives you protection against cargo-related losses. Our insurance policy covers shipping
by all transport means including container and multimodal shipping, worldwide.

Furthermore, we have options to protect your shipment from every unforeseen scenario: road
accidents, war conflicts, civil disturbances, terrorism, losses incurred from atmospheric conditions and
so on. UTO will be happy to obtain extra coverage for your cargo based on the specifics of the project.

We will do our best to allow you to have extra coverage as part of a single insurance policy for your
project or series of projects of similar nature at affordable rates. Our network of trusted insurers is the
guarantee for that. We make sure you get the best possible conditions fitting the specifics of your cargo
and the shipping itself.

In the case of an accident, UTO engages a cargo surveyor who inspects the cargo operations and the
damage caused to both vehicles/vessels and the cargo. The surveyor is a neutral party, who performs his
tasks with the appropriate standard of care, so the parties involved in the accident can trust him and
rely on the accuracy of his reports and certificates he issues.

Cargo securing

UTO offers the option to plan and supervise cargo securing activities to guarantee that goods of any
type including high-value luxury items and oversize cargo are shipped in a safe and timely manner. Our
company has an extensive network of well-trained and certified professionals. Their dedication is to give
customers first-class cargo securing services, thus preventing the cargo from theft, fire and other
unforeseeable accidents.

Our cargo securing service portfolio includes the following elements:

  • We carefully plan the delivery route by considering every possible factor that may have an
    unfavorable effect on shipping. These include weather factors, social and economic stability in
    transit countries and in the country of destination, road conditions, road repair works and other
  • We involve only licensed workforce with cargo-securing operations who are familiar with the
    latest trends and know all the layers of the job.
  • Upon agreement with the customer we use escort vehicles to escort trucks with large loads or
    convoys of large vehicles.
  • We proactively cooperate with customs offices, the police and other local authorities in order to
    take all the necessary preparatory measures like closing roads, ordering escort vehicles,
    forewarning the public of a potential danger and other steps.
  • We do not to disclose to third parties any confidential information regarding the shipping order,
    transportation paths, price or any obligation we undertake to fulfill as part of cooperation with
    our clients.
  • We prepare regular reports on the state of your cargo and take care of the documentation
    related to cargo-securing.

We also exercise real-time control over the cargo at every stage of its transportation with the help of
satellite-backed cargo tracking and tracing systems. We deem the customer’s shipping order fulfilled
only if the whole cargo reaches its destination undamaged and in proper condition.

Always at your service

If you have an inquiry or need any advice where you feel we can be of assistance in securing your cargo,
please contact us. Our professionals will do their best to help. You can also submit your inquiries by
sending a mail to go@etoperator.org.