United Transport Operator offers freight logistics solutions for project cargo of any volume and
type including dangerous and high-value luxury items that need individual transport planning
and professional care from origin to destination. We provide shipping solutions to the
construction, mining, production and other industries.

Project cargo explained

Project cargo shipping is about carrying complex, oversize cargo weighing over 100 tons, which
are intended to be used for specific purposes. Let us give you a couple of examples of project

  1. production and factory lines;
  2. large loads of heavy road machinery;
  3. agricultural machinery and equipment for construction tasks;
  4. industrial machinery and machine tools;
  5. steel shapes and constructions;
  6. strong architectural elements;
  7. other abnormal cargo with special handling and transportation requirements.

Complex equipment and several transportation methods are needed for the execution of
project cargo shipping projects. UTO guarantees adequate coordination of the work of all
professionals involved in the cargo move.

First-class coordination is so important because project cargo shipping is really challenging.
Below we listed a couple of extraordinary tasks to be done in order to allow the cargo to reach
its destination on time: a) dismantling, moving, hauling, and clean-up of de-energized power
transmission lines; b) bridge/road strengthening; c) opening of bascule bridges; d) dismantling
of road underpasses and traffic signs; e) construction of bypass roads. Therefore, solid planning
work, a tailored transportation concept, first-class shipping and caring handling are key to

UTO’s individual approach to complex project freight

Our project cargo solutions comprise:

  • searching for suppliers of raw materials, equipment, producers and other potential
    project partners throughout China, the EU or other countries in accordance with
    technical specifications of the project and our customer’s requirements;
  • preparation of the entire technical and other project documentation, together with the
    respective project costs calculations;
  • solid planning work of transport concepts and optimization of delivery routes based on
    the properties of your cargo and the desired delivery deadlines;
  • selection of the loading and unloading equipment, plus the necessary supplementary
    appliances like fasteners, turnstiles, lodges and ramps;
  • obtaining movement permits for every country, which are part of the delivery route, in
    accordance with international and Russian practice;
  • real-time controlling of the cargo condition at every stage of transportation with the
    help of satellite-backed cargo tracking and tracing, armed security for equipment both
    in-flight and on the ground;
  • customs brokerage and clearance to ensure a smooth transition of your goods through
    customs and avoid delays, legal support and consulting on goods clearance and other
    customs-related matters;
  • cargo consolidation and storage of raw materials, dry cargo and other items;
  • other services upon your request like insurance and assessment of damaged cargo or
    freight by surveyors.

Need Help on this Service? UTO is here for you!

We have the expertise and capacities to handle complexity regardless the dimensions of your cargo. Contact us for more information about our project cargo shipping solutions. You can also submit your inquiries or ask for a quotation by sending an email to go@etoperator.org.