United Transport Operator offers rail freight transport across Russia, the Crimean Peninsula,
other CIS countries. We use intermodal containers and all types of goods wagon to meet your

Cargo shipping in wagons

Forwarding cargo in wagons is a fast, safe and cost-efficient solution. Rail transport has fixed
routes, schedules and is the least affected by weather factors. Therefore, shipping by rail is
more certain and uniform from loading to final delivery runs.

All wagon types are in use at UTO to give personal and caring service to you:

  1. Covered universal wagons. They give the best protection from damage, pilferage or
    harsh weather conditions.
  2. Open platform wagons. They represent the best option to carry heavy and oversized
    equipment, timber and lumber, containers, industrial and agricultural machinery.
  3. Hopper cars. We use them to transport loose bulk commodities like coal, ore and grain.
  4. Refrigerated vans / T wagons. They are just ideal to transport perishable goods or food
    needing refrigeration or chilling at proper temperatures.

Rail transport is economical and best suited for carrying heavy, bulky goods and raw materials
of any kind. All wagons have similar couplers and other fittings that allow even different wagon
types to be assembled together. Therefore, we can cope with any cargo volume, no matter
whether you need just 1 wagon or a whole train.

Shipping in containers

Safety and environmental considerations favor the shipping of fragile and high-value goods and
other cargo like agricultural equipment, press equipment or substations by rail over other
transport modes. Shipping containers are suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and

We arrange container loading and unloading operations. We place containers on wagons in an
automated or half-automated regime.

Containers are designed to be moved from one mode of transport to another without
unloading and reloading. Thanks to easy handling and their compatibility with trucks and
vessels cross-border and domestic transportation is smoother and faster.

The unit cost for rail transport can be a lot less than that for road transport for comparable
goods. The good thing about using containers is that they function as mini-storage units. No
storage or cargo handling costs. You can keep your overall logistics costs low if you choose to
ship freight by rail in containers.

We can organize shipping in all types of containers serving various purposes. We use dry,
general purpose containers (with capacity up to 40 tons), refrigerated, thermal containers and
also other ones based on the specifics of your order and your wishes.

Fast, safe and secure carrying of your cargo

We provide you with the following services:

  1. Adequate packing of goods to protect them from damage or loss while they are in
  2. Sealing of shipping containers that provides tamper evidence and security.
  3. First-class shipping and insurance as part of the freight forwarding contract.
  4. Cargo loading, unloading and fixing by differing methods used in the industry. We
    handle your freight from beginning to end with care.
  5. Preparation of import or export and other documents that must accompany the cargo,
    computation and payment of rail freight charges, customs clearance, on behalf of
    importers and exporters.
  6. Carrying any type of cargo, specialized goods, project cargo exceeding standard
    dimensions, unique equipment, to any destination to which you want them to send.
  7. Real-time controlling of condition of the cargo at every stage of transportation. Focusing
    on safety of railway operations is a must at UTO.

Contact us with your inquiry. We will be happy to give you a reasonable quote and carry your
goods to the next city or to any place in Russia and the CIS fast and 100% securely.