United Transport Operator offers equipment to satisfy your construction rental needs. Our fleet
is extensive, machines of different producers are available in a variety of model years at
reasonable rates. Short-term, seasonal and all-year- round rental options. Need equipment
today? Contact us! We are sure you will find the item you want.

See below the list of construction equipment we offer for rent:

  • truck cranes combining highway mobility with lifting power of different weights;
  • handlers with a range of payloads and lift heights: telescopic and front handlers,
    forklifts, mini truck loaders;
  • excavators for earth moving purposes like foundation digging, digging of trenches,
    material handling, forestry work, general grading/landscaping or snow removal;
  • rollers for the compaction of soil, gravel, sand, crushed stone layers, or asphalt in the
    construction of roads and foundations;
  • low loaders used for the transportation of high, heavy or bulky goods, machines and
  • other equipment to meet your construction needs of any scope and complexity.

Your organization foresee much work with truck cranes, but you do not know which model and
what lifting power would suit your company’s construction needs best? Rent one at UTO and
test it before buying one!

Why renting UTO’s construction equipment is better than buying?

  1. Our equipment goes through a thorough check and we also fill up the tank with the
    appropriate fuel before it goes out on rent.
  2. We take care of maintenance. Our service staff gives you the necessary help to keep
    your rental equipment up and running.
  3. We plan the delivery route, our staff takes care of carrying your rental equipment right
    to the construction site, thus saving time and money for you.
  4. If you choose one of our rental options, you can be sure you pay based on the
    machinery’s run hours. Renting at UTO can be much better than buying your own
    machinery, especially if you need it on an occasional basis or are not sure how
    frequently you will be using it.
  5. You save additional money as it is UTO who pays road tax and other taxes levied on
    construction equipment.

Furthermore, UTO offers consulting on all the aspects of industrial machinery rental.