United Transport Operator maintains warehouse operations in Europe, Russia and the CIS. We have our
own warehouses, thanks to which we can guarantee not only the best possible storage and
management of your items, but also safety and reduced storage costs for you.

One-stop storage solutions

UTO’s warehouse logistics cover everything you need:

  • Cargo receiving, scanning, automated or manual placing in the warehouse.
  • Weighing, measuring, sorting, marking and labeling of goods.
  • Storage under conditions that best fit the cargo and its properties.
  • Packing, repacking, re-grouping of goods.
  • Co-packing. We meet your secondary packaging requirements to make the products shelf-ready.
    UTO has the needed expertise, resource and staff in place.
  • Selection, utilization of damaged goods or items with defects and making the respective reports
    on such issues.
  • Full storage-related document support.
  • Consulting on all issues related to warehouse logistics, storage and related matters.

Consolidation warehousing is also what we good at. Our company manages the whole process: we pull
together small shipments and combine them at the warehouse into larger shipping loads. This is
followed by sending the goods to their destination. Lower shipping costs for you is just one reason you
shall choose this service of UTO.

Advantages of cooperating with UTO

What benefits you get if you choose UTO’s warehousing services?

Cost-efficiency. We have our own warehouse space in Europe, Russia and the CIS. Working with UTO is
beneficial as you will be saving the money you would have used to hire qualified warehousing staff,
cargo handling and packing equipment. We have everything under one roof. Using third-party premises
can also be disadvantageous because you need to pay the monthly rental fee even if the premises sit
empty. At UTO you pay only for the place your cargo occupies while being stored at our premises.

Reliability. With several years of employment at UTO, our professional staff is able to handle cargo of
any size and weight safely and securely. We are also licensed and, therefore, allowed to have excise
equivalent goods like tobacco and alcoholic beverages stored in-house at our premises.

Accountability. We are responsible and fully accountable for any loss and/or damage of cargo not only
while it is in transit between its origin and destination, but also while it is at the warehouse itself.
Dedicated cargo insurance covers all storage risks.

Automated processes. We use top-of- the-line data collection solutions at our warehouses enabling us to
store and manage countless items and exercise control over inventory. The result is improved accuracy
and efficiency at our premises.

Absolute safety. We constantly follow the inventory at our warehouses with state of the art CCTV
systems from the beginning of storage to its end. UTO’s warehouses has traditional entry-control and
fire protection systems, plus climate control systems regulating temperature and humidity, thus making
the operation of our premises reliable and dynamic.

Transparency and continuous monitoring. Customers receive detailed reports on cargo moves within the
warehouse. Thanks to our surveillance system, there is no risk of theft at our premises. Furthermore,
our network video recorders allow to broadcast the footage from our surveillance system over the
internet. UTO exercises control of the cargo from the moment we receive it at our promises till the
moment of the cargo’s leaving.

We are committed to manage your items. Please contact us for further information on our services. We
will be happy to show you our premises upon request.